A Flood of Evidence
Author: Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge
Date Read: 2018-07-04

The book created to address the countless questions asked over the years!

There are hosts of books and resources on the Flood and Noah’s ark in the creation movement. But there has been a glaring problem in this area for 50 years. There isn’t one basic laymen book on the Flood and ark to give answers to those questions asked all the time. Most books are too shallow, too specific, or too technical for the average Christian to read or get much from.

Author: Dr. David Jeremiah
Date Read: 2017-05-23

In his #1 New York Times bestseller Agents of the Apocalypse, noted prophecy expert Dr. David Jeremiah

Between Heaven and the Real World
Author: Chapman, Steven Curtis
Date Read: 2017-08-26

Steven Curtis Chapman has been topping the music charts for decades with songs that reflect his personal journey and share his faith in Christ. Now for the first time in Between Heaven & the Real World, Steven shares fascinating details from his life, from his childhood growing up in Paducah, KY and his introduction to music, to his incredible successes as a Dove and Grammy-award-winning musician.

Dragons or Dinosaurs?
Author: Darek Isaacs
Date Read: 2017-11-07

Dragon legends are found in nearly every culture around the globe. They have been thought to be myths. Yet, mysteriously, these dragons sound a lot like the other giant scaled reptiles, dinosaurs. Could they be one and the same?

Kidnapped by the Taliban
Author: Joseph, Dilip
Date Read: 2017-10-07

An American physician in rural Afghanistan faces the unimaginable

Dilip Joseph dreams of life as a medical humanitarian. In 2009 his dream comes true as he joins the staff of Colorado-based Morning Star Development, a nonprofit community and economic development organization.

Lincoln's Battle With God
Author: Stephen Mansfield
Date Read: 2018-02-21

Abraham Lincoln is the most beloved of all U.S. presidents. He freed the slaves, gave the world some of its most beautiful phrases, and redefined the meaning of America. He did all of this with wisdom, compassion, and wit.