Duane's PianoWelcome to my website.  This is a place where I can have quick access to things that interest me.  As you look around, I hope that you can find something that you enjoy as well.  Please send me a message about what you like!

A number of my interests are represented here including my piano playing, music I enjoy listening to, and books that I have read.

This website is also a place where I can practice my website building skills.  For this particular website I have used Drupal 9.


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Books from my library...
The Seige of Dome

How resilient is the human spirit in the face of merciless oppression? What values in life stand up to certain death?

The New Silk Roads

'All roads used to lead to Rome. Today, they lead to Beijing.'

When The Silk Roads was published in 2015, it became an instant classic. A major reassessment of world history, it compelled us to look at the past from a different perspective. The New Silk Roads brings this story up to date, addressing the present and future of a world that is changing dramatically.

The Language of God

Does science necessarily undermine faith in God? Or could it actually support faith? Beyond the flashpoint debates over the teaching of evolution, or stem-cell research, most of us struggle with contradictions concerning life's ultimate question. We know that accidents happen, but we believe we are on earth for a reason.



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