​​As a Christian, musician and music educator there I have many interests. I also enjoy reading and learning. Aspects of my many hobbies can be found here. Please feel free to look around and find things that you might like. If you find something that you like please feel free to let me know through my contact page.

Being an avid reader, averaging twenty-five to thirty books per year, I enjoy many types of novels from historical fiction to biographies to fantasy.  Sometimes I read just to enjoy getting lost in a story.  Reading is a great way to learn so I spend time reading and studying books on Christian apologetics.

With a background in music education I enjoy listening to music.  You will find numerous videos of music that I particularly enjoy.  Some of the videos included are here so that I can find them easily, usually to share with someone.

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Books From My Library


Kim Stanley Robinson

A major new novel from one of science fiction's most powerful voices, AURORA tells the incredible story of our first voyage beyond the solar system.
Brilliantly imagined and beautifully told, it is the work of a writer at the height of his powers.
Our voyage from Earth began generations ago.
Now, we approach our new home.


Guy Gavriel Kay

Provence, in the south of France, is a part of the world that has been—and continues to be—called a paradise. But one of the lessons that history teaches is that paradise is coveted and fought over. Successive waves of invaders have claimed—or tried to claim—those vineyards, rivers, olive groves, and hills.


Stephen Lawhead

"Pray God our aim is true and each arrow finds its mark."

King Raven has brought hope to the oppressed people of Wales--and fear to their Norman overlords. Deceived by the self-serving King William and hunted by the treacherous Abbot Hugo and Sheriff de Glanville, Rhi Bran is forced again to take matters into his own hands as King Raven.